The following sheet music books offer new Finnish works for piano students. In order to facilitate practicing, CD recordings with my interpretations of the pieces are included in the books.

The publications can be ordered from Ostinato Sheet Music Store, F-Musiikki or directly from the publisher Uusinta Publishing Company.

”Four Pastiches for Piano” contains preludes in style of romanticism, impressionism and expressionism. They can work as tasters before studying the first pieces in larger scale by well-known composers. According to the former Finnish examination levels, the Pastiches are classified from 3/3 to IIA (C) level.

Jasmin Fors:

Four Pastiches for Piano (2003)

  1. 1. Mazurka in Chopin Style

  2. 2. Impressionistic Prelude

  3. 3. Late Romantic Waltz

  4. 4. Lyrical Picture in Skriabin style

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”Piano Blend 2010” (”Pianokimara 2010”) is a collection containing 24 Finnish pieces composed in 1987-2010.  They are suitable from elementary levels to music institute level.

Piano Blend 2010

24 pieces from 1987-2010,

12 Finnish composers:

Jasmin Fors / Osmo Honkanen /

Lauri Kilpiö / Veli Kujala / Hannu

Pohjannoro / Ville Raasakka / Osmo

Tapio Räihälä / Max Savikangas /

Riikka Talvitie / Lauri Toivio /

Jennah Vainio / Lotta Wennäkoski

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The collection ”Piano Blend 2013” ("Pianokimara 2013") contains together 13 pieces compsed in 1998-2013 by nine Finnish contemporary composers. Most of the pieces are written after 2010 and they are suitable for music institute level and upwards.

Piano Blend 2013

13 pieces from1998-2013,

9 Finnish composers:

Markus Fagerudd / Jasmin Fors /

Osmo Honkanen / Mika Kuuskankare /

Max Savikangas / Lauri Toivio /

Tuomas Turriago / Jennah Vainio /

Harri Wessman

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